Exhibition Development

There is nothing like the real thing, which is why we are so passionate about museums and exhibitions. Whether it's putting your hand on the Apollo spacecraft that landed on the moon or seeing for yourself how tricky it is to build an arched bridge, it's hard to find a more powerful way of communicating.

Things About Me

thinktankThings About Me is a gallery in Birmingham's Thinktank science centre, showing 7-11 year olds how our bodies work.

Think-lab worked with designers Lloyd Hicks and Jon Hares at MET Studio Design to produce the concepts, storyline and exhibits such as the boneless body and TAM (visitors' own Things About Me character) to create a fun and energetic space where children can enjoy learning.

Medicine Matters

thinktank-textMedicine Matters in another gallery in Birmingham's Think Tank science centre. The gallery is aimed at 14-18 year olds, helping them to make sense of the science behind the news headlines.

Working with the designers Sarah Pollard and Ben Duckett at MET Studio Design, Think-Lab developed the concepts, storyline and exhibits for the gallery, creating a grown up and aspirational space that combines the excitement of intriguing interactive exhibits, with the simplicity and impact of stunning objects elegantly displayed.