Website development

We think the web is the greatest thing since sliced bread as it's so rapid yet accessible - your visitors are by no means restricted by geography. Here are some of the websites we've created for clients: is the on-line guide to science centres and science based tourist attractions in the UK, funded by NESTA.

Think-lab oversaw all aspects of the development of the project, from initial inception right through to launch.


logo-scienceliveFollowing on from the success of, Planet Science commissioned Think-Lab, in a consortium with the BA and Indigo, to develop a sister site ScienceLive.

Launched in July 2003, is a website for teachers and youth group leaders that aims to help them identify suitable science presenters and science shows.


Scientist on Ice

When Defra's Chief Scientific Adviser went to the Antarctic in January 2006, we all wanted to go too. But because he couldn't take us with him, we helped create an online blog for him, so that the Antarctic could come to us! And we weren't the only ones who were interested - it was the most popular page on the whole of the Defra website during January 2006 and received fantastic media coverage, including a feature on Channel 5 news.

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