Publications and copywriting

We love writing clear and snappy copy and regularly write and produce publications for our clients. Here are links to those we are most proud of:


elements9-200_origElements Magazine (Defra, 2007- )

Elements is a magazine about science and sustainability that we produce regularly for Defra.  We think it proves that you don't need policy-speak to talk about policy-relevant science.

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logo-royalsocExcellence in Science (Royal Society, 2004)

Melanie Smallman wrote and edited this edition in 6 weeks, so we're proud to produce something of this quality in such a short timescale.

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dsn7-ukcp-200_origDefra Science Notes (Defra, 2005- )

The Defra Science Notes series of publications was developed by Think-lab, aiming to provide topical briefings on areas of Defra science for policymakers.

They are designed to exist only as PDFs - a very limited number of copies are produced on our colour laser-printer. We're pleased with the tone of the sustainable buildings one, but the Nanotechnology note deserves a mention because it was downloaded 15,000 times quote-nanoin its first two weeks alone!

Download Defra Science Notes:
UK Climate Projections
Carbon Capture and Storage
Unchartered Waters
Avian Influenza
Sustainable Buildings
Tackling Climate Change
Nanoscience and the environment


thesciencemagThe Science (Defra, 2006)

Think-Lab wrote and produced this one off publication as part of our 'What's News?' internal comms campaign for Defra - again turning it around in just 6 weeks.