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Science's relationship with the public has never been more important nor more problematic. In the new post-Jenkin age of dialogue, the Royal Society set up their Science in Society programme in 2001, in order to encourage scientists and the public to meet and build a better understanding of one another and the help the public better influence science policymaking.

The 2002-03 programme culminated in a National Forum event, where 350 members of the public, scientists and policymakers met to discuss the implications of genetic testing. Think-Lab worked with the Royal Society and PEALS to develop a programme for the day and recruit participants. The key decisions of the day were presented in a report to government and regulatory bodies and did indeed appear to form a significant part of the 2003 White Paper on Genetics.

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Excellence in Science

Think-Lab regularly provides writing support for the Royal Society - for example Melanie Smallman wrote and edited the December 2004 edition of Excellence in Science within 6 weeks.

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