The British Science Association

Small Talk - Dialogue

bsalogo_origSince 2004, Think-Lab has managed Small Talk, a collaboration between the BA (now the British Science Association), the Royal Institution, Cheltenham Science Festival and ECSITE-UK, exploring the aspirations and concerns of scientists and the public about nanotechnologies and Sharing these views with policymakers.

The project aims to provide coherence to a range of activities around the UK focused on discussing nanotechnologies with the public and scientists, helping the science community, science communicators and policymakers to learn more about these views and about the process of working together to gather these views


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logo-scienceliveThink-Lab also worked with the British Science Association to develop the website for Planet Science.

Launched in July 2003, is a website for teachers and youth group leaders that aims to help them identify suitable science presenters and science shows.


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