Here's a collection of advice and information that we hope you'll find useful if you work or are interested in science communication.

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careersThink-Lab's Guide to Careers in Science Communication

We think that communicating science is the best field that anyone can work in. In fact we look like we're enjoying our work so much that we're always being asked how to get into the field. Here's what we say...

libraryThink-Lab's Capsule Library

Here you'll find details of key readings in science communication - it is not intended to be comprehensive but instead points you to the most significant publications in the field over the past fifteen years.



Think-Lab's Guide to Writing Science

We first produced our guide to writing science for non-scientific audiences for Defra way back in 2004, but itís recently been updated for G0-Science.  Use it as much as you like Ė just credit us and Go-Science if itís good! ≠≠


Science into Policyparliament_med

We were commissioned in 2008 to investigate the factors that influenced what science is take up by policymakers.  There's lots of academic literature out there on the subject, so our approach built on that and looked at real-life case studies.  Find out more in the report.