Internal communications

We believe that your employees can be your greatest ambassadors or your greatest detractors and that effective internal comms must be a vital part of your overall communications strategy.

What's News?

logo-whatsnewsWhile Defra has a wealth of great science stories, the communications team was finding it very difficult to persuade colleagues to volunteer information and to promote the stories.

thesciencemagThink-Lab developed the 'What's News?' campaign that challenged Defra scientists to make positive headlines out of Defra Science. The campaign aimed to raise the profile of science communication amongst scientists in Defra, demonstrating the benefits to be gained from communication activities and supporting staff to develop key transferable skills.

The campaign culminated in 'The Science' - a one off science magazine, aiming to show off what can be done with Defra science.

Twice as many science news stories than had been found in the previous 12 months were identified in the first week alone.

More than 20 members of staff volunteered to join a 'Science Stringers' network to provide regular information to the communication team about potential science stories.